I can’t think of a title for this post. 

Anxiety, Dissolving into liquid sky, Employment, Fatigue, I'd like to sit down please, It's not fair, Life is hard, MS, Multiple Sclerosis, Wasting the day

Well. [Aside: As an English teacher, I often put a cross through this word when a kid starts a piece of writing with it, for example: ‘Well, Juliet is eager to hear…’, or ‘Well, it was a sunny afternoon’.] However…

Well. It’s been some time since last I wrote. It’s a cloudy afternoon and I am doing absolutely nowt. Apart from this, obviously. And continuing to exist. I’m not gas, drifting through a vacuum.* Obviously. I’d forgotten how literal you are, Imagined Reader. Let’s try our best to get through this, then you can go back to whatever it is you occupy yourself with these days. 

I find myself to be emotionally fragile. A supply teacher can be dropped according to the whims of the school. Listen: “we think you’re great, you’re good at your job, but we really need someone full time – so the kids have continuity – and you need to focus on your health, that’s the most important thing.” Not strictly a whim then. Gah! Chronic illness! And as I’ve referenced before, in the distant blog past, I get easily attached – I’m Velcro Girl! Anything that feels like rejection turns me into a pool of sadness, a puddle of self pity. 

I find myself sans work, sans income, sans a third noun to complete this list of three. Woe. What to do? That’s an actual question for you to answer. WHAT SHOULD I DO? Answers on a lovely postcard please. 

Should I get over myself? Emerge from the metaphorical encasement of cotton wool I have wrapped so securely around myself? Volunteer? Do an online course? Acquire some new skills? Sink further into the morass of self doubt I’ve tripped into and have been making feeble, mainly for show, efforts to pull myself out of for, oh, x number of years? 

Someone wise, I assume, once said that MS without fatigue would be nothing. I tend to agree. 

* would’ve made a good title, don’t you think?

5 thoughts on “I can’t think of a title for this post. 

  1. You, my dear blogger tap into all that I myself feel. If I only had a better way to reply (smart phone), and less shaking of digits I think we would make existential music together. Thanks for your words.


    1. I’ve possibly already commented on this but it seems to have disappeared… thank you for your great comment – it really made me smile. Idea for a craft beer: ExistenAle – dark with a smoky flavour, undertones of coffee and chocolate.


      1. That beer idea, yeah it hurts my sensitive, touchy, feely, douchebaggie side. Maybe with the correct type of glass:)


      2. That beer idea, yeah it hurts my sensitive, touchy, feely, douchebaggie side. Maybe with the correct type of glass:)


  2. Fatigue is so hard! I have been dealing with MS for 16 years now and I think pain and fatigue are the hardest parts. I just started my blog about a month ago and it has been so helpful for me. I just started following your blog and look forward to reading more of your posts! Take Care!!


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