Watchers of Game of Thrones. Picture Jon Snow. Eyes snap open. Massive inhalation of air. Now replace Jon Snow’s handsome face with mine. Yeah? You see? NB: If you don’t count yourself as a GoT fan, I have no time for you. 

No – wait! Come back – slow down… Man, I was joking. Stay. Please. Just for this one little post.  Okay. We good? Then I’ll begin…

Unusually for cynical little old me, I’m feeling quite positive at the moment. Maybe it’s the darling buds of May, the longer periods of light, or perhaps I’ve had a knock to the head? 

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve started visiting a cool little yoga studio near to where I live and, despite going only a handful of times, I can totally detect a difference both in terms of my state of mind and my walking – speed and balance. Although my level of fitness is embarrassingly low and I’m pretty much as flexible as an actual wooden oar. Or metal golf club. Make up your own simile forgod’ssake. 

And, just this very bird-song filled morning, I did visit a neuro-rehab psychologist to have my particular needs assessed. I didn’t know what to expect and, as I’m still me, worried that I may be completely wasting their time, but turns out it was excellently helpful. Basically I vomited out my life story – or, rather, the MS bits of it – and hopefully the psychologist didn’t think me mad. [literary reference alert!] Perhaps, like Blanche DuBois, I shall be collected later today and carted off to some sort of asylum [literary reference ends!] 

Who knows when I’ll be back? I’m sure you’ve got plenty to keep you occupied in the meantime. Off you go now – it’s too nice a day to be stuck inside after all. 


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