Sick and tired(!) of this damn fatigue. 

Fatigue, Life is hard, MS, Multiple Sclerosis

O Fatigue! How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. 

No, that’s the whole thing. There are exactly NO WAYS in which I love it. 

*anguished screamcry*

(How d’ya like that portmanteau word? I coined it to describe how I feel whilst reading The Observer of a Sunday; nothing better than kicking off your day with a bit of righteous anger).


Seems that I’m experiencing some full-on fatigue action right now. It’s really bad. I’m permanently exhausted. And it’s not like I’m  doing owt but ‘resting’. I honestly don’t know what to do for the best. Any suggestions forwardslash nifty MShacks would be totes welcome right about now.

I’m eating the right stuff (mainly spinach and kale); doing a bit of exercise on my cheap and cheerful exercise bike, also some improv yoga; dutifully taking my supplements (cod liver oil, vits D and B12, turmeric, flax seeds). I’m retrying Amantadine too after giving up on it before (it made me feel well ill).

Despite feeling perma-awful, I’m worried that I’m actually a total fraud. That I’m making it all up. I’m a skiver. Should I even be off work? I could cope with 26 demanding 13 year olds, couldn’t I? Even though leaving my bedroom to go downstairs, make a cup of chai, is a bit of an ask? I dunno.

Life’s nothing if not hard.

2 thoughts on “Sick and tired(!) of this damn fatigue. 

  1. I have suggested this to a number of our number, the drug Provigil. It actually doesn’t erase the fatigue, but you don’t fall asleep either. This wonderful, fucked up disease leaves us with many quandries, or choices in determining which hell is right for you. By the way, kudos for the title of your blog, absolutely loved the book!


    1. Hey David! Yeah, I’ve had Provigil suggested by a number of people, so if whatever I’m taking now doesn’t work… I’ve never had fatigue like this before. It’s a (really bad) joke💩. I was pretty happy with my title! 😉


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