Damn like or damn comment on my damn blog! Thank you.

I’ve been writing posts everyday so far and, to be honest wit ya, there’s only so much one person (me) can think to write about. So I’m going to space my posts out a bit, henceforth, but also write about stuff as it occurs to me: AIOTM…AIOTM. [niche reference, if you get it, you get it!].

I’ve pretty much decided that my next three posts will (probably) be roughly about: coming out as an MSer; the NHS and Jezza ‘Hunt’; the right to die debate (heavy).

Any suggestions would be welcomed and then, probably, ignored. Ha – I’m just messing with you!

Also, I’d like more people to read this (yeah, idk why either – why not try keeping a diary?), so please, if you’ve enjoyed reading it, pass it on. As well as this, it’d be pretty great if you’d put any thoughts about what I’ve written in the comments bit.

End of post.

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