Fatigue…for real. 


It seems apt, appropriate and, dare I say, apposite to blog about fatigue as I’m totally in its downy grips as I, quite literally, type. 

Fatigue, then. What’s that about?

Well, my dearest and most attentive of friends, I shall attempt to answer that most intriguing of questions via the medium we have decided to name ‘blog’.

Fatigue affects around 80% of people with MS. And what it most definitely isn’t, is feeling a ‘bit tired’. And what definitely won’t solve it, is a ‘good nights sleep’.  

 It’s an overwhelming feeling of exhaustion. 

Like you haven’t slept for a week, and then for another week. Like a permanent hangover. Like doing all your normal day-to-day shizz whilst wearing full-on medieval style chain mail. Like wading through treacle (full disclosure: this is pure supposition, irl I’ve not had occasion to do this, or in fact any, of the things in this list – I’ve sure we’ve talked before about your tendency toward the literal).  

Some treacle, yesterday.

Like you’ve turned into a sloth, but everyone’s too polite to mention it and expects you to carry on as normal. Like your brain’s been encased in concrete. Like you’re under the sea, but its not all fun and singing lobsters like Disney claims.  

Fatigue isn’t like this.

Like you’ve been victim to a severe beating but there are no visible signs, no cuts and bruises for you to show off. Like you’re existing a few frames behind everyone else in the movie that is your life.  Like the person typing the text into your speech bubbles is drunk or not paying attention or both. Like you’re wearing eight pairs of gloves and shoes that are several sizes too big for you. Like you’re part of a video conference and the connection keeps breaking down. Like you’re playing a hot game of scrabble but you can’t think of any words and your dictionary’s gone missing. 

Shit, basically. 

Currently, it’s not clear what causes it. The MS Society are funding some research at the moment – feel free to donate!

The only thing you can really do is ‘self-manage’. To construct a lifestyle that enables you to do this. For me, this is in progress. Obviously diet and exercise play a role too. 

So that’s fatigue. Another piece in the jigsaw of my MScapades.  


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