All the things returning. 


(My MS nurse says), I’m a success story.  

Any excuse to image search ‘Adam Driver running’.

I’m, hmm, let me think, probably about 97% back to normal. But 97% isn’t good enough, dammit! I want my remaining 3% back! *Throws self on floor, has full-on tantrum – toddler style.*

At the start of my first post-relapse physio, I was given a questionnaire that required me to indicate on an outline drawing of the human body where I’d been affected. (I could make a totally inappropriate comment here, D’ll know, but we don’t know each other well enough yet, so I’ll abstain). Ha! Let me tell you, there were an awful lot of ticks on that image by the time I was through with my biro!

Anyhow. That happened and things continued to improve. 

What’s that? Oh yeah the missing 3%. You want to know about that? Okay. If you’re going to keep on about it. Let’s have another list: 

  • My walking’s still slower than I’d like. I can’t speed up, break into a run, you know, if I sense danger or something. Like a tiger’s escaped from the zoo and I’ve just heard a worrying grunt behind me, coming from the mysterious shade of the trees. Something like that. 
  • Balance and steadiness are a little off. I have to cling to the bannister/wall/D when I walk down any stairs (or steps) so terrified am I of falling down them. 
  • Dexterity isn’t perfect. My pen(wo)manship’s totally taken a hit. 
  • In any alcohol serving venue, people often assume I’m drunk. I’m not.* I have MS. 
  • Fatigue. O fatigue. This meddlesome fella deserves its own post. And indeed, it shall have it. Fatigue is a bit like going about your normal day-to-day shit while wearing heavy chain mail. And on the normal days. Not the medieval battle-reenactment ones.  
  • And a whole host of weird sensory things that I’ve kindly been given to compensate me for what’s not yet been returned! Ah shucks. I don’t know what to say?! 
  • Also, I’m hyper-aware and hyper-vigilant regarding my body, how I’m feeling, any slightly off-sensation  – because I never want THAT (if you’re new, see my previous posts!) to happen again. 

    That’s all (for now), folks! 

    In the next few posts I’ll talk about medication and how that’s working out and I’m sure there’ll be some more of my winning humour to look forward to!
    I guess I should go off and ‘enjoy’ my birthday now. 


    * Except for when I am. Obviously. 


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