Losing all the things…3


Where were we? Somewhere around here?

Okay. Pull up a chair and I’ll continue with my tale of MSnottragedybutdefinitebadness. 

Pregnancy hormones take a while to totally empty out of your body so I continued to feel pretty awful for a week or so. I didn’t go back to school before the summer holidays. But, somewhere along the way, relapse #3, like some kind of stealth bomber, took the opportunity to sneak right on in. Bastard.*

Off I skipped to the MS nurse, AGAIN, this time accompanied by my mum (more about her and how utterly fantastic she is in times of crisis later) and because I’m quite the idiot who still hadn’t fully grasped the severity of the whole chronic illness business, I said something like, “I don’t think I really need more steroids, I feel like I’m getting better naturally.”  A lesson. Don’t ever try to second guess MS, always say yes to the drugs. 

And then term was over so D (who’s a teacher as well) was finished and we’d booked tickets to go to the Bowie is... exhibition and The Book of Mormon down in London Town.  

Dave giving MS a good old boxing for me.


Perhaps my body realises that Bowie is basically my beautiful God, as the relapse seemed to pause for the required number of days (2). Cheers MS. You’re not all bad are you? Yes.  Yes you are. Totally all bad. And dastardly. 

When we arrived home I went right to bed, got myself another lot of steroids, took them and cried a lot. In terms of symptoms, we’re talking balance, walking difficulty, sensory issues (I forgot to mention that one – during relapse #1, my entire body helpfully went numb. Larks). 

And summer was rubbish. 

Then things got really bad. 

So here’s a picture of Jon Snow because that’ll give me a good enough reason to Google image search him for a bit. 

 *not like Jon Snow, that’d be nothing to complain about. 

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