Losing all the things…2


Where was I? Oh yes. Waiting for steroids to kick in. Relapse #2. Well, they did kick in. 

To go back a bit, at the time of this all happening I’d been off medication for about two years – Copaxone (the Rebif was knocking out my white blood cells) – something to do with trying for a baby and, to be honest, not injecting myself every day was A MASSIVE RELIEF. I did not enjoy that at all. 

I’d convinced myself that my MS was benign. Idiot. 

But. Relapse #2 was manageable, I was back at work in about a month and seemingly fully recovered. 

So I did a pregnancy test and it was positive – that’s happened before, but this time it appeared to be sticking. And it’s hard not to start finding stuff out – like which fruit it’s the size of at five weeks, and stuff like that. I had horrible symptoms too – complete exhaustion, constant nausea, ridiculously heightened emotions. But there was a bit of blood and my GP (who’s ace) sent me for an early scan (8 weeks, I think) and it’s ludicrous because you’ve seen that exact scene so many times on TV and in films but, alas, ’twas not to be. And the nurse, let me tell you, did not have the most sensitive of nursing personas. 

And I think that’s what caused relapse #3. 

That’s all been a bit heavy, hasn’t it?

Let’s all calm down with a picture of a kitten.  


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