About Me

MS, Multiple Sclerosis

Hi there. My name’s Emajust the one ‘m’, thanks very much.  So you know a bit about who’s written the words you’re reading, there follows a somewhat limited ‘guide’, if you will, to who I am.

I’m female and FEMINIST (I don’t believe that these should be mutually exclusive). **Well, duh**

I’m THIRTY-FIVE. Ridiculous to be so old. I refuse it. **I’m pretty much 36 now. THIRTY-SIX?! THIRTY-SIX.**

I have an above average husband – if we were words we would rhyme.

And an exceptional little tabby cat – he’s 11 **now 12. TWELVE?!** but, like me, does not look his age.  Not a brag on my part; I get beyond tired of not being taken seriously / producing ID for alcohol and, but a couple of months ago, Lemsip Max tablets – forgod’ssake. Be kind to shop assistants though, they’re just (over-zealously) doing their jobs.

I have no children – make of that what you will.

And a chronic illness, MS as you asked – keep up!

A reader.

A listener to (good) music – as Duke Ellington said “There are two kinds of music. Good music, and the other kind.”

All I have here with me are the records and the books that I own.

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